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Has Your Home Roof been damaged by storms? It is repairable by roofing contractors for residential roofs

Dec 6

Storm damage is among the numerous common damage to your roof. While your roof is designed to take most of what the weather throws at it storms can strain your roof beyond its limits and harm it. Residential roofing contractors such as Roofing Made Simple Constructor in Indianapolis can assist homeowners with storm damage as well as storm repair. There are many types of storm damage that you might encounter on your roof following an event. Our expertise and tools can restore your roof to its earlier glory. We'll show you how we can do this.

What can our Residential Roofing Company do to assist with Storm Damage?

It is essential to inspect your roof at the earliest opportunity after a hurricane passes through your area. Self-inspection is the first step toward repairing your home's roof, and when you are able to spot damages, the quicker you'll be able to contact our residential roofing business for repairs. You should inspect your home for leaks, specifically in the attic. Also, keep an eye out for damaged or missing shingles. If you spot indications of damage from the storm the next step is to communicate to us by calling us to arrange an inspection. After our professional team arrives at your house for an assessment of the damage caused by the storm, you can anticipate the following steps from our team:


Our experts will take a look at the severity of the damage your roof has sustained and identify the areas that have been damaged. When this is done, our team will make sure there is no debris or broken roof shingles that fall off the roof and cause injuries.

Repair estimates:

After our team has assessed the storm damage and ensured that they have completed a thorough inspection of all internal and external parts of your roof we will provide an estimate for the repairs. This step helps you prepare to finance roof repairs. In the event of damage, you might need to replace a few shingles or even a large portion of your roof. It is recommended to choose an experienced roofing firm that will give you a free estimate of repairs to your roof like us because you wouldn't wish to shell out a large sum to obtain an estimate of the total expected cost for repairs.

Repair or replacement of the roof:

After you have received an estimate for the repair of storm damage and filled out your paperwork, the team will begin. As mentioned above, depending on the severity of the damage, you may be able to make it with a repair, or you might need to have the roof replaced if the damage isn't repairable.

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