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How To Stop Buyers From Pulling Out

Dec 9




A particular problem can be when buyers drop out. But what can you do if the worst happens? And how can you be in a position to prevent it?

Identify the Problem and Deal with it

A sale may fail for several reasons, whether it's finances, a change in decision, or gazumping. But you need to find out why, says James Ramsdale, of Century 21 Brighton & Hove Estate Agents, primarily based in Hove, Eest Sussex. “Most often it's the condition of the property so you might want to do a survey. With that, the potetnial buyer gets reassurance that a professional check on the property has been done and they have all the info without any hidden problems.”
if there’s damp or a damaged roof, for example, buyer and owner can negotiate with the agent to find a mutually beneficial price.

Avoid a Knee-jerk Reaction

The advice is to drop the price or get every other valuation in the event of buyers pulling out. After all, you found a client at that price earlier on and so there’s no reason it shouldn’t happen again. Take the property off the market if you need to find out what the problem is and a fix for it. The trouble is with the property documents or physical attributes, not the price. The price should only be dropped if there is no choice to correct this problem which then allows monetary room for the client to attend to this.”

Find a Good Agent

In the event of sales falling through, you need to choose an agent who is aware of what to do in this type of situation. It's important to have a local and capable property agent who can react quickly to any troubles that might arise.
Agents ought to engage with their clients at an early stage, and consumers should see instructing their agent as a partnership and a group effort”.
Sean Jones at Jones Estate Agents, based in Stockton-on-Tees, says it’s vital that “all consumers are pre-qualified financially BEFORE marking the property as sold.” This is often carried out by means of the agent, and Sean adds that a “good agent” will no longer agree a sale until a vary of pre-checks have been done. “Many dealers sense it is in their activity to agree a sale as quickly as possible, but if the checks are now not accomplished correctly, retailers may additionally lose workable buyers if they believe a property to be sold.”

Pre-empt Problems

Marketing  property should be one where the positives of the property are showcased and exteneded as much as possible.
Lack of comprehensive documentation can be an issue so it's best to try to speed up the process by getting all the documnets sorted out, even before time. For example, those concerning to title plans, planning, or construction. This might take time to put together but it will improve the chances of selling the property dramatically and leaves not room for doubt.

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