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Five Myths About Metal Roofing Debunked

Jan 10

Although metal roofing is a well-known option in Pittsburgh There are many misconceptions. We'll attempt to dispel 5 of the most frequently cited ones.

Metal Roofs Can Be Noisy

You often hear people say that they are awestruck by the sound of rain on a tin roof. And we've experienced it all in a shed during a rainstorm and had to shout to be heard over the noise. It's not surprising that metal roofs can sound a bit. The Contractor for Metal roofing Pittsburgh will not tell you that it is impossible to hear rain during thunderstorms, but the noise shouldn't pose an issue and shouldn't be a hindrance with your daily life. With insulated ceilings and the roof space between you and the roof itself, the noise level is very minimal. You don't have to boost the volume of the TV as it would need to be a major hailstorm to awaken you at late at night.

Metal Roofs Rust

Similar to saying that the sound of rain on metal roofs is quite loud, it's obvious that roofs made of metal rust - we've all seen them. But how many of those roofing materials that are rusty have rusted all the way through and what is their age? Corrugated iron is no longer in use. The roofs can now be painted with a regular coat of paint. Roofs that are rusty you might have seen with peeling paint might be well over 50 years old. They could have held off rain for more than a century. Today's steel is far more durable than those used in the past and you are most likely to not see the metal slowly corroding over the course of your life. That's why metal roofs eventually rust however it's not too much a problem for future generations.

Metal Roofs can get too hot and cold

We've all heard about how hot a steel fence panel gets in the sun, and how cold they could be in winter. Tin sheds can get extremely hot and cold. But the fact is that metal roofs are reflective and don't absorb as much heat as tiled roofing made of concrete and terracotta do. They also disperse heat more quickly and efficiently, which is the main advantage. A roof made of metal cools down faster than tiles , and will also warm up quicker. Roofs made of steel are great for insulation and won't be affected by extreme temperatures.

Storms are not good for metal roofs

The vision of cyclones is always to be accompanied by a fluttering sheet of roofing iron. Roofs that are not properly or correctly installed sheets are not things you'd want to be in during severe storms But you might be surprised to discover that metal roofs are considered an ideal option so long as they are properly secured. A related myth is that metal roofs are more susceptible to hail damage, but it's not true. The extreme weather conditions can lead to dents, but they can also cause cracks or even smash tiles.

You aren't able to walk on Metal Roofs

If the roof is supported properly and supported, there's no issue walking on metal roofs. While they aren't likely to sustain damage or dent however, we suggest that you wear a safety harness to ensure your safety when walking on roofs that are pitched. Roofs can be slippery.

The truth about modern metal roofing is that it is an outstanding and durable roofing material, with no significant downsides. It's no wonder it is so sought-after.

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