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A Guide to Al-Azhar Park: The Green Oasis in the Heart of Cairo

May 4

What is Al-Azhar Park, and why should you visit? 

Al-Azhar Park is a magnificent green oasis in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. This park is a piece of heaven on earth that offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park is ideal for visitors who want to relax, enjoy stunning views, and indulge in various outdoor activities.

Al-Azhar Park is the perfect place if you are looking for a sanctuary amidst the vibrant and chaotic Cairo. This park boasts an impressive collection of plants, trees, and flowers that provide a serene and inviting environment. Visitors can stroll through the spacious and well-manicured gardens while taking in the breathtaking views of the city.

Aside from the natural beauty, this park has much more to see and do. The park has various restaurants, cafes, and shops where visitors can enjoy delicious food, drinks, and souvenirs. The park also provides a platform for cultural activities, such as music concerts, theatrical performances, and art exhibitions.

Al-Azhar Park is an excellent place for families to spend quality time together. The park offers a range of activities for children, such as playing in the playground, having a picnic, and enjoying the animal zoo. In addition, the park is a great spot for social gatherings, including weddings, birthday parties, and other special events.

Overall, Al-Azhar Park is an absolute gem worth visiting. Whether you seek relaxation, cultural exploration, or fun activities, Al-Azhar Park has something to offer everyone. The park is not only a place to escape the hustle and bustle of Cairo but also a destination to experience the beauty and culture of Egypt. So, visit Al-Azhar Park today and immerse yourself in the tranquillity and majesty of this green oasis in the heart of Cairo.


The History of Al-Azhar Park: From Wasteland to Paradise 

Al-Azhar Park is one of Cairo, Egypt's most beautiful and well-maintained parks. However, it wasn't always this way. The park used to be an abandoned wasteland filled with garbage and debris. However, transforming Al-Azhar Park into the gorgeous oasis we know today is a triumph of urban planning and environmental conservation.

The story of Al-Azhar Park starts in 1984 when the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) started to invest in preserving and restoring historic neighbourhoods in Cairo. One of the targeted neighbourhoods was the area around the Al-Azhar Mosque, one of the oldest Islamic religious institutions in the world. 

The area around the mosque was in desperate need of attention. The streets were narrow, and the buildings were crumbling. There were no green spaces to be seen. The AKTC recognized that creating a public park was one of the quickest and most effective ways to revitalize the area. In the 1990s, they acquired a large plot of land in the heart of the neighbourhood. 

Transforming the area into a lush and vibrant park began in earnest. The first step was to clear the plot of all the accumulated garbage and debris over the years. Once the land was clear, the next step was to bring in soil, plants, and trees. Over 10,000 trees and shrubs were planted, including species of trees native to Egypt. 

The AKTC placed great emphasis on water conservation when designing the park. One of the central features of the park is a large central lake that serves as a habitat for fish and waterfowl. The lake is fed by a sophisticated irrigation system that uses greywater from nearby households. The park also has an extensive network of underground cisterns that collects rainwater and greywater for irrigation. 

The AKTC also recognized that the park would only succeed if integrated into the local community. To that end, they worked with residents to create job opportunities and ensure that the park was a welcoming and accessible space. They also partnered with local schools to provide educational opportunities for children. 

Al-Azhar Park is a shining example of urban planning and environmental conservation today. The park attracts visitors worldwide, who enjoy the beautiful scenery, walk along the pathways, and relax in the shade of the many trees. It proves that with vision and hard work, it is possible to transform even the most neglected spaces into places of beauty and inspiration.


Where to find Al-Azhar Park in Cairo 

If you're looking for an oasis in the hustle and bustle of Cairo, Al-Azhar Park is the place to be. Situated in the heart of Cairo, this green gem is a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike. But where exactly is Al-Azhar Park located?

You'll find this paradise on the eastern edge of the historic district of Islamic Cairo, overlooking the famous Citadel of Saladin. The park is over 30 hectares and offers stunning views of Cairo's skyline, the Al-Hussein Mosque and the Citadel.

Getting here is quite easy. If you're travelling by public transport, the easiest way is to take the metro as the nearest station is just a short walk away. You can take the Red Line and get off at Al Sayeda Zainab Station, from where it's a mere 10-minute walk to the park.

Taxis and Uber are also readily available, and the drivers will know the location. However, be prepared for the Cairo traffic, which can be quite hectic, especially during rush hour.

The surrounding buildings and streets become narrow and crowded as you approach the park. But as soon as you enter the gates of Al-Azhar Park, you'll be transported to a tranquil space with picturesque gardens, stunning fountains and a fresh breeze of clean air.

Al-Azhar Park is located in the heart of Islamic Cairo, just a short walk from Al Sayeda Zainab Station, making it easily accessible by public transport. Taxis and Uber are also available but be prepared for Cairo's heavy traffic.


How to get to Al-Azhar Park by public transport

If you're a tourist planning a trip to Cairo, make sure you carve out some time to visit Al-Azhar Park, known as the "green oasis in the heart of Cairo". Al-Azhar Park is located in the heart of old Cairo, on the site of an ancient landfill, and it's a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. In this section, we will discuss how you can reach Al-Azhar Park by public transport.

Firstly, several bus routes pass close to Al-Azhar Park. Bus routes 107, 111, 125, 155, and 230 all stop near the park's main entrance. These buses are frequent, cheap, and an excellent way to get around Cairo, especially if you're on a budget.

Secondly, Cairo's metro system is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to get to Al-Azhar Park quickly and easily. Salah Salem Station is the nearest metro station to Al-Azhar Park, just a short walk from the park's main entrance. The station is served by Line 2 (the red line), one of the busiest metro lines in Cairo. Line 2 has two main stations near Al-Azhar Park - El-Sayeda Zeinab Station (closer to the park) and Salah Salem Station.

If you're staying in a hotel around Tahrir Square, taking a taxi to Al-Azhar Park would be convenient. Taxis are easily available in Cairo and provide a good way to get around the city. You can hail them on the street or ask your hotel to arrange one. Taxis provide a comfortable and efficient way to get to the park, especially if you're travelling with family or friends.

Finally, microbuses are also a popular way of getting around Cairo, and several pass close to Al-Azhar Park. Microbuses are cheaper than taxis and can be found on most main roads. Microbus Route 7 is an excellent option for anyone who wants to go to the park from the city centre. Check the destination board at the front of the bus before boarding to ensure it stops near Al-Azhar Park.

Public transport is an excellent way to get to Al-Azhar Park, and several options are available to tourists. Whether you take a bus, metro, taxi, or microbus, the park is easily accessible by public transport. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and head to Al-Azhar Park for relaxation and fun.


When to visit Al-Azhar Park

When planning a visit to Al-Azhar Park, it is important to note the opening hours to make the most of your time there. The park is open every day from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, except on Fridays when it opens after Friday prayers at 1:00 pm. 

Arriving at the park early in the morning is highly recommended, especially during the hot summer months in Cairo. The park can get quite crowded during peak hours, so arriving early will give you a chance to explore the park without having to battle through thick crowds of people. The morning light also creates beautiful photographic opportunities, making it the perfect time for shutterbugs to capture the park's scenic beauty. 

If you're lucky enough to be in Cairo during the winter months, you'll have a little more flexibility with your visit to Al-Azhar Park. The park is much cooler during this time of year, making it a great place to visit during the day or even in the evening. The park closes at 8:00 pm during the winter months, giving visitors plenty of time to explore the park's many attractions. 

It's important to note that Al-Azhar Park has slightly different opening hours during Ramadan. The park opens at 9:30 am and closes at 4:00 pm, except on Fridays when it opens after Jumu'ah prayers at 1:00 pm. 

If you're planning a trip to Al-Azhar Park, check the opening hours ahead to make the most of your visit. Arriving early in the morning or visiting during winter is highly recommended. Still, no matter when you visit, you will have a memorable experience exploring this beautiful green oasis in the heart of Cairo.